These Successful Companies Had Their Start in Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is an ideal work environment for an entrepreneur interested in growing their company. It offers the resources of a traditional office without the high rental cost. Additionally, working in this type of environment offers major networking opportunities. You’ll be more likely to come up with unique business ideas if you’re surrounded by other enthusiastic startup owners.


These aren’t just hypothetical statements. Several successful companies got their start in coworking spaces. The following are just a few of the top coworking companies you can look to as inspiration.


Instagram Expanded Upon Its Business Ideas With Coworking


The popular photo-sharing app started as a simple idea in a San Francisco coworking office. In fact, Mike Krieger, one of the company’s founders, recalls a pivotal moment when he and his co-founder, Kevin Systrom, “locked” themselves in a conference room to decide which elements of their initial business ideas worked.


It’s highly likely they benefited from being able to collaborate in a dynamic environment like a coworking space that didn’t cost much money to rent. That kind of flexibility from an office space for a small business is often crucial during a startup’s early stages of growth.


Spotify Grew Into a Successful Company in a West Coast Coworking Space


Spotify has given users access to virtually all the music and podcasts they could want, directly on their mobile devices. It’s attracted upwards of 80 million paying users as a result.


Despite this, its origins prior to becoming one of the most successful companies are fairly modest. Spotify began (like Instagram) in a San Francisco coworking space. It’s now among the most recognizable and successful companies worldwide.


Uber is Another San Francisco Company Success Story


The same coworking space that gave rise to Spotify is also the original home of Uber. Available in millions of cities worldwide, Uber makes catching a ride easier than ever. And, like the other successful companies on this list, it started with a couple of founders trying to solve a simple problem.


The right office environment gave this top coworking company the freedom to develop their business ideas into a working product without wasting their initial funding on expensive office space.


Ziprecruiter is a Top Coworking Company Example in the Recruitment Industry


Ziprecruiter has quickly grown into a successful business thanks to the value it offers its customers. By making it easier for employers to find ideal job candidates, Ziprecruiter has the potential to help many other businesses make a lot more money by recruiting the right people. This successful company also got its start on the West Coast in a Los Angeles coworking space.


Timehop’s Founder Recalls the Benefits of a Coworking Space


While these stories should indicate why this type of office is beneficial to entrepreneurs, it helps to hear one of them describe the advantages they offer in his own words. According to Jonathan Wegener, founder of Timehop (the popular Facebook app that was built in a coworking space), “Having an awesome home to independent workers and entrepreneurs is crucial to New York City’s goal to become a major technology hub.”


Coworking spaces don’t merely offer a place to work. They allow founders to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs at a low cost and act as an incubator for innovative business ideas. The value that offers can’t be calculated, but if these examples of top coworking companies are any indication, it could be the key to massive success.