How to Create a Kickass Organizational Culture

Employees are the key to business success. Thus, it’s important to make sure your workers are satisfied with their jobs.

There are plenty of ways to do this. That said, focusing on creating an awesome office culture is one of the most important. Employees are simply much more likely to stay with a company if they actually enjoy being at work.

Of course, you may have some questions. What is office culture? How do I create a positive office culture? How do I maintain it?

This article will answer your questions. Keep reading to find out how you can optimize your business’ organizational culture.

Understanding What is Office Culture

An office’s organizational culture is essentially an overall set of values that impacts the experience a person has working in that environment. That means a lot of different factors affect (and are affected by) the overall workplace culture.

For example, a coworking space that boasts unique amenities like an area for socializing or playing games during breaks will likely have an awesome office culture. However, if people within the office still communicate with each other in a negative manner, you can’t say the overall office culture is positive.

That’s why you should start by deciding what values you want your office to reflect. Knowing your mission makes it easier to understand what steps you can take to reach your organizational culture goals and keep your employees happy.

Prioritize Employee Happiness with Team Building Activities

You want every employee to be engaged with their work. That’s more likely to happen when people get along with each other. This is particularly true of staff that work within the same department or team. The team’s overall success depends on everyone enthusiastically doing their part, which creates a positive office culture.

Team building activities can help you generate feelings of trust and friendship among your workers. But, it’s important to understand that team building concepts can vary widely. You should authentically assess what kinds of people work in your office to better determine what kinds of activities will most appeal to them.

For example, some managers succeed by inviting employees to casual activities that aren’t officially labeled a team building activity, but do incorporate key team building concepts. This can include going to trivia nights at a local bar or cafe, scheduling cookouts, or even planning celebrations for employee birthdays.

On the other hand, you may want to focus on team building activities employees are required to participate in. Traditionally, the activities you choose should be designed to help employees develop certain qualities or ways of relating to each other. Even simple games like, “Two Truths and a Lie” or, “Life Highlights” can help employees get to know each other on a personal level and communicate more efficiently.

Meet Everyone’s Needs With Office Transparency

The floor plan of your office will have a major impact on the culture. Take your time to consider how the design will affect every worker, and consult with your employees on their opinion about office changes.

Open office designs are becoming much more popular in recent years, and the benefits they offer for awesome office culture are clear. Employees in open offices have more opportunities to connect with each other . Without private offices for management-level employees, the sense of a corporate hierarchy diminishes. This can help foster positive relationships throughout the organization, which benefits overall office culture.

With this type of floor plan, everyone feels relatively equal. The open space also boosts office transparency: You don’t have to worry about what’s happening behind closed doors when there are so few such physical barriers in the office.

Just make sure you understand potential disadvantages an open design can have on your office culture. The biggest is noise, which is a major obstacle to positive office culture. You’ll get better results if you design your open office with certain rooms and spaces where people can work in peace and quiet.

Unique Amenities Make for an Awesome Office Culture

Although amenities are by no means the defining factors of your organizational culture, they do contribute to enriching it.

Strive to design an office employees want to work in. Obviously, you’ll need to include all practical resources necessary to make sure they can get work done. However, you also want to add unique touches that represent your values.

Maybe most of your employees are young. Your organizational values may be tailored to workers who enjoy spending time with their peers. Giving them a lounge area with quality food and drink options can help facilitate this while fostering a positive office culture.

You also want to make sure your employees feel they have the right degree of work/life balance. That doesn’t just mean offering flexible hours. It also means potentially including amenities that address their personal needs. A fitness room or even a meditation space can help them find the time to stay healthy at the office.

Most importantly, collect feedback from your employees. Find out what they do and don’t like about the office culture. Office transparency is key to an awesome office culture because you can address specific desires and needs brought up by the staff themselves. The tips here will help you create a positive office culture.