The Best Tools for Managing a Shared Office Space

Understanding how to manage a coworking space requires a unique approach. When considering the best approach, you have to understand that such offices are not the same as private work spaces. Instead of managing a space for one tenant on a long-term basis, you must address the needs of several tenants on both short and long-term bases.


That’s why it helps to learn about coworking management software. You can create a positive office culture while making you role much easier with the right office management tools. The following are key options that may help you.


Cobot is Office Management Software to Assist With Member Management


The best coworking software should streamline various processes. Managing a coworking space involves registering new members, monitoring current member data, scheduling administrative and maintenance tasks, and more. Cobot is an office management tool that saves you time and frustration by allowing you to perform these various tasks through a single platform.


Conduct Basic Office Management Tasks With the Coworkify Tools


Some people like to use software that’s packed with features. Others find it’s easier to use simpler programs. If you’re one of the latter group, Coworkify may be the best coworking software for your needs. It offers basic features such as invoicing, payments, and a booking calendar, simplifying many of the most essential office management tasks.


Tapkey Gives Tenants an All-Access Pass to the Office


An essential part of learning how to manage a coworking space is making sure all your tenants have easy access to your facilities Thus, you may be interested in a program that makes key/access management easier than ever. That’s what you’ll get with Tapkey. This office management software allows users to access your office via their smartphones instead of keys.


HappyDesk by WUN Has Everything You Want from a Coworking Management Software


HappyDesk deserves a spot on this list of the best coworking software due to its robust assortment of features. Like many other office management programs, it assists with tasks like invoicing and booking. However, the office management tool also automatically monitors your WiFi network to ensure tenants have consistent internet access, offers real-time revenue projections, helps you connect with new leads, and much more.


Optix Integrates With the Best Coworking Software


No matter how valuable or useful a tool might be, it is important to remember that some people are so accustomed to using particular apps that the idea of adjusting to a new office management software might not be appealing to them. That’s what makes Optix useful.


This coworking management program integrates with a wide range of popular apps, including PayPal, Microsoft Office, GMail, and plenty of others. Wondering how to manage your coworking space via a single platform while still essentially using the tools you’re comfortable with? Consider using Optix.


Although the processes involved in managing a coworking space are different from those involved in running a traditional office, that doesn’t mean this job needs to be a challenge. You simply need the right office management software and tools. These will help you stay efficient and effective in your role as coworking office manager.