Cincinnati, OH

3825 Edwards Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

3825 Edwards Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

So Many Rooms. So Much Time.

The Gallery

You’ll find impromptu meetings and after-work cocktails in this cozy escape from the hustle and bustle.

The Library

When you need to get focused and get things done, the library is the place to be. It's cool to talk, too—no crabby librarians here.

The Assembly

Floor to ceiling windows. Natural light. Comfy, cushy seating. The assembly has it all—whether you want to chat it up or chill out.

The Mezzanine

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective—and The Mezzanine is where you’ll find it. Rise above it all, take in the view, and let the magic happen.

The Carriage House

This is where the private, lockable offices are at. Focus on projects with your team or pop by and see what your neighbors are up to (I heard Steve got a new dog).

The Drawing Room

This is where the open floor plan really shines. Go from a couch to a conference room to the bar (or even our awesome bathrooms)—all within a few steps.

Meet Your Team

Need something? We'll take care of it like it's our job (because it is).

Betsy Hodges

Drew Ross

Laura Peterson

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Part Time


You've got your office—now it's time to upgrade your social life. This one's all about the unlimited after-hours bar access, as well as shared workspace access and boutique fitness classes twice a month.


The bar has your name written all over it (as well as your guests'), but you want to pop in once a week to use the shared wordspace and boutique fitness center—this is for you.


You're always in and out of the office. You don't quite need 24/7 access, but coming in twice a week to an inspiring workspace, unlimited bar use, and eight free boutique fitness classes a month sounds pretty good.

Full Time


You want it all, and as an Insider you get it. Come and go as you please, whether for work or play with unlimited after-hours bar access and 24/7 use of the shared workspace.


You want a place to call your own—a place that’ll energize your whole team. Residents get a dedicated, lockable office and unlimited access to the bar, boutique fitness center, and shared workspace. Welcome to your team’s new home.

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3825 Edwards Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209