How to Find an Office Space to Scale With Your Business

Growing a small business is exciting. Of course, it’s not without its challenges. Finding the right office space for a small business is one of them. You don’t want to spend more than you have to on a private office space that provides more space than you might currently need. On the other hand, your […]

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The Ultimate Tips to Improve Productivity While Working Solo

Working solo offers plenty of benefits. You can set your own hours; decide where you work.; take breaks whenever you want. That said, it’s easy to understand why some people struggle with figuring out how to be more productive when they no longer have a supervisor monitoring them on a daily basis. Outside of a […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Manage Remote Teams From a Coworking Space

  The way we work is changing. Surveys indicate that more and more people are working remotely these days, and odds are good this trend will continue.   This can benefit managers because being able to hire workers from anywhere in the world makes it easier to find qualified candidates. You can also save on […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Employees

Surveys indicate more and more people are working remotely now. There’s no reason to believe this trend won’t continue.   Managers should prepare by learning how to hire remote workers. Adjusting your hiring practices now will help you find the right people if you ever manage a dispersed team. These tips will help.   Look […]

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The Best Tools for Managing a Shared Office Space

Understanding how to manage a coworking space requires a unique approach. When considering the best approach, you have to understand that such offices are not the same as private work spaces. Instead of managing a space for one tenant on a long-term basis, you must address the needs of several tenants on both short and […]

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These Successful Companies Had Their Start in Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is an ideal work environment for an entrepreneur interested in growing their company. It offers the resources of a traditional office without the high rental cost. Additionally, working in this type of environment offers major networking opportunities. You’ll be more likely to come up with unique business ideas if you’re surrounded by […]

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